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    Since the beginning of time, man has been plagued with diseases that have ravished populations attributing it to ancient beliefs and curses from the Gods. Modern scientific advances helped shape our understanding of these invisible microbes commonly now known as “germs”. These lethal microbes have been historically documented as wrecking havoc in our lives. The black plague decimated huge patches of Europe. Interestingly, more Native American Indians have died from Eurasian germs on the battlefield than from guns and swords. Today, the fight continues at an even more feverish pace. Over-population demands that we live in close proximity to each other. We pack ourselves into high-rises, offices, subway cars, buses, planes, classrooms and gyms. Promising antibiotics that once protected us are now becoming less and less effective. Germs are mutating into what we now call “superbugs”. Essentially superbugs are germs for which we do not have a cure. We are losing this battle and lives are at stake. Millions of lives!

    In fact, recent technological innovations have given the founders at PURITY the ability to utilize a cutting-edge germ treatment in a way unlike at any other time in history. Finally, we have the ability to make great strides against our ancient archenemy: the germ. We are saving lives with our new technology. These are not dramatic words. We are not embellishing the deterioration of the current state of affairs. Do not take our word for it, simply google the words “epidemic” and“news”. Here are just some recent examples that came up in a query:

    the science

    How does a coating remain strong for 90 days?

    The material is charged as it exits the application device and continues to hold a charge for 90 days. Take note, wiping the surface clean will help the electrostatic coating, creating more friction and allowing it to remain strong.

    Are there any known dangers to this process?

    No! This material is considered so safe that some industry professionals claim that they can drink it. The solution is 96.6% water with only three organic substances; silane, nitrogen and carbon.

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